Standoff Accessories

2.1 Clamp
Product Code Description Material Finish
C-RRM Balustrade Clamp - D Front to Suit Round Post Duplex 2205 Mirror
C-RRS Balustrade Clamp - D Front to Suit Round Post Duplex 2205 Satin
C-RSM Balustrade Clamp - D Front to Suit Square Post Duplex 2205 Mirror
C-RSS Balustrade Clamp - D Front to Suit Square Post Duplex 2205 Satin
C-S180M Balustrade Clamp - Glass To Glass 180º Square Clamp 316 Mirror
C-S180S Balustrade Clamp - Glass To Glass 180º Sqaure Clamp 316 Satin
C-S90M Balustrade Clamp - Glass To Glass 90º Square Clamp 316 Mirror
C-S90S Balustrade Clamp - Glass To Glass 90º Square Clamp 316 Satin
C-SRM Balustrade Clamp - Square Front to Suit Round Post  Duplex 2205 Mirror
C-SRS Balustrade Clamp - Square Front to Suit Round Post Duplex 2205 Satin
C-SSM Balustrade Clamp - Square Front to Suit Square Post  Duplex 2205 Mirror
C-SSS Balustrade Clamp - Square Front to Suit Square Post Duplex 2205 Satin

2.2 Standoff Full Set
Product Code Description Material Finish
SOF-3820M Φ38*20mm Standoff Full Set with M12*40 Threaded 316L Mirror
SOF-3820S Φ38*20mm Standoff Full Set with M12*40 Threaded 316L Satin
SOF-3830M Φ38*30mm Standoff Full Set with M12*40 Threaded 316L Mirror
SOF-3830S Φ38*30mm Standoff Full Set with M12*40 Threaded 316L Satin
SOF-3850M Φ38*50mm Standoff Full Set with M12*50 Threaded 316L Mirror
SOF-3850S Φ38*50mm Standoff Full Set with M12*50 Threaded 316L Satin
SOF-5020M Φ50*20mm Standoff Full Set with M12*120 Threaded 316L Mirror
SOF-5020S Φ50*20mm Standoff Full Set with M12*120 Threaded 316L Satin
SOF-5030M Φ50*30mm Standoff Full Set with M12*40 Threaded 316L Mirror
SOF-5030S Φ50*30mm Standoff Full Set with M12*40 Threaded 316L Satin
SOF-5050M Φ50*50mm Standoff Full Set with M12*50 Threaded 316L Mirror
SOF-5050S Φ50*50mm Standoff Full Set with M12*50 Threaded 316L Satin

3. Standoff Glass
Product Code Description Material Finish
SOF-C38M Φ38*10mm Cap 316L Mirror 316L Mirror
SOF-C38S Φ38*10mm Cap 316L Satin 316L Satin
SOF-C50M Φ50*10mm Cap 316L Mirror 316L Mirror
SOF-C50S Φ50*10mm Cap 316L Satin 316L Satin

4. Standoff Threaded Rod
Product Code Description Material Finish
SOF-R120 M12*120mm Threaded Rod 304 N/A 304 N/A
SOF-R150 M12*150mm Threaded Rod 304 N/A 304 N/A

5. Cap Spanner
Product Code Description Material Finish
SOF-SP Φ38*50mm Cap Spanner 316L N/A 316 N/A

6.Timber Threaded
Product Code Description Material Finish
SOF-T120 M12*120mm Timber Threaded 304 N/A 304 N/A
SOF-T150 M12*150mm Timber Threaded 304 N/A 304 N/A
SOF-T90 M12*90mm Timber Threaded 304 N/A 304 N/A

Product Code Description Material Finish
SOF-W38 1.5*Φ38mm Washers Per 20 pcs Nylon Black Nylon  Black
SOF-W50 1.5*Φ50mm Washers Per 20 pcs Nylon Black Nylon  Black

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